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Drug-Exposed Infants
Volume 1 Number 1 Spring 1991


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman

Introduction to this Issue

Richard E. Behrman


Future of Children Staff


Future of Children Staff

Estimating the Number of Substance-Exposed Infants

Deanna S. Gomby and Patricia H. Shiono

Drug-Exposed Infants: Understanding the Medical Risk

Barry Zuckerman

Complex Developmental Issues of Prenatal Drug Exposure

Diana Kronstadt

Treatment Programs for Drug-Abusing Women

Karol L. Kumpfer

The Child Welfare Response

Charlotte McCullough

Overview of State Legislative and Judicial Responses

Carol S. Larson

Perspective of a Reproductive Rights Attorney

Lynn Paltrow

Perspective from a Minnesota County Attorney's Office

Sonya Steven and Ann Stiehm Ahlstrom

Perspective of a Juvenile Court Judge

Judge Paul Boland

Prenatal Drug Exposure: Ethical Issues

Thomas H. Murray

The Economic Implications of Prenatal Substance Exposure

Ciaran S. Phibbs