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School-Linked Services
Volume 2 Number 1 Spring 1992


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman


Richard E. Behrman


Future of Children Staff

Health and Social Services in Public Schools: Historical Perspectives

David Tyack

Overview of Service Delivery to Children

William A. Morrill

A Look at Current School-linked Service Efforts

Janet E. Levy and William Shepardson

Financing School-linked, Integrated Services

Frank Farrow and Tom Joe

Evaluation of School-linked Services

Deanna S. Gomby and Carol S. Larson

Key Issues in Developing School-linked, Integrated Services

Sidney L. Gardner

Getting Ready to Provide School-linked Services: What Schools Must Do

Jeanne Jehl and Michael Kirst

Concerns About School-linked Services: Institution-based Versus Community-based Models

Robert J. Chaskin and Harold A. Richman

Current Activity at the Federal Level and the Need for Service Integration

Martin H. Gerry and Nicholas J. Certo

CHILD INDICATORS: Dropout Rates for High School Students

Eugene M. Lewit