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U.S. Health Care for Children
Volume 2 Number 2 Winter 1992


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman


Richard E. Behrman


Future of Children Staff


Future of Children Staff

Child and Adolescent Health Status Measures

Barbara Starfield

Effectiveness of Health Care Services for Pregnant Women and Infants

Andrew D. Racine, Theodore J. Joyce and Michael Grossman

Health Care Services for Children and Adolescents

James M. Perrin, Bernard Guyer and Jean M. Lawrence

Health Care Resources for Children and Pregnant Women

Janet D. Perloff

Expenditures on Health Care for Children and Pregnant Women

Eugene M. Lewit and Alan C. Monheit

The Role of Private Health Insurance in Children's Health Care

John F. Sheils and Patrice R. Wolfe

The Role of Medicaid and Other Government Programs in Providing Medical Care for Children and Pregnant Women

Ian T. Hill

Children Without Health Insurance

Alan C. Monheit and Peter J. Cunningham

Nonfinancial Barriers to the Receipt of Medical Care

Lorraine V. Klerman

CHILD INDICATORS: Teenage Childbearing

Eugene M. Lewit