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Children and Divorce
Volume 4 Number 1 Spring/Summer 1994


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman

Children and Divorce: Overview and Analysis

Richard E. Behrman and Linda Sandham Quinn

Epidemiology of Divorce

Patricia H. Shiono and Linda Sandham Quinn

History and Current Status of Divorce in the United States

Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr.

Historical Perspective and Current Trends in the Legal Process of Divorce

Sanford N. Katz

Financial Impact of Divorce on Children and Their Families

Jay D. Teachman and Kathleen M. Paasch

Child Support Orders: A Perspective on Reform

Irwin Garfinkel, Marygold S. Melli and John G. Robertson

Child Support Orders: Problems with Enforcement

Paula G. Roberts

The Determination of Child Custody

Joan B. Kelly

Life-Span Adjustment of Children to Their Parents' Divorce

Paul R. Amato

High-Conflict Divorce

Janet R. Johnston

A Feminist Perspective on Divorce

June R. Carbone

The Role of the Father After Divorce

Ross A. Thompson

CHILD INDICATORS: Immunization of Young Children

Eugene M. Lewit and John Mullahy

REVISITING THE ISSUES: Children and National Health Care Reform

Sara Rosenbaum