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Sexual Abuse of Children
Volume 4 Number 2 Summer/Fall 1994


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman

Sexual Abuse of Children: Recommendations and Analysis

Carol S. Larson, Donna L. Terman, Deanna S. Gomby, Linda Sandham Quinn and Richard E. Behrman

Current Information on the Scope and Nature of Child Sexual Abuse

David Finkelhor

Immediate and Long-Term Impacts of Child Sexual Abuse

John N. Briere and Diana M. Elliott

Reporting and Investigating Child Sexual Abuse

Donna M. Pence and Charles A. Wilson

Adjudication of Child Sexual Abuse Cases

John E.B. Myers

Doing Justice and Doing Good: Conflicts for Mental Health Professionals

Gary B. Melton

The Role of Physicians in Reporting and Evaluating Child Sexual Abuse Cases

David L. Kerns, Donna L. Terman and Carol S. Larson

Responding to Child Sexual Abuse: The Need for a Balanced Approach

Douglas J. Besharov

Efficacy of Treatment for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

Larry E. Beutler, Rebecca A. Williams and Heidi A. Zetzer

Offenders: Characteristics and Treatment

Judith V. Becker

Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Deborah A. Daro

Child Sexual Abuse: Awareness and Backlash

Jon R. Conte

CHILD INDICATORS: Reported Child Abuse and Neglect

Eugene M. Lewit


Martha Minow