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Critical Health Issues for Children and Youth
Volume 4 Number 3 Winter 1994


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman

Violence and Today's Youth

Felton J. Earls

The Changing American Family: Implications for Children's Health Insurance Coverage and the Use of Ambulatory Care Services

Peter J. Cunningham and Beth A. Hahn

The Health of Latino Children in the United States

Fernando S. Mendoza

Public Policy Implications of HIV/AIDS in Adolescents

Jill F. Blair and Karen K. Hein

Involuntary Smoking and Children's Health

Jonathan M. Samet, Eugene M. Lewit and Kenneth E. Warner

Beyond Benefits:The Importance of a Pediatric Standard in Private Insurance Contracts to Ensuring Health Care Access for Children

Elizabeth Wehr and Elizabeth J. Jameson

CHILD INDICATORS: Race and Ethnicity—Changes for Children

Eugene M. Lewit and Linda G. Baker