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Low Birth Weight
Volume 5 Number 1 Spring 1995


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman

Low Birth Weight: Analysis and Recommendations

Patricia H. Shiono and Richard E. Behrman

The Problem of Low Birth Weight

Nigel S. Paneth

The Direct Cost of Low Birth Weight

Eugene M. Lewit, Linda Schuurmann Baker, Hope Corman and Patricia H. Shiono

The Role of Basic Science in Preventing Low Birth Weight

Peter W. Nathanielsz

The Role of Obstetrical Medical Technology in Preventing Low Birth Weight

Hope A. Ricciotti, Katherine T.H. Chen and Benjamin P. Sachs

The Role of Social Change in Preventing Low Birth Weight

Dana Hughes and Lisa Simpson

The Role of Prenatal Care in Preventing Low Birth Weight

Greg R. Alexander and Carol C. Korenbrot

The Role of Lifestyle in Preventing Low Birth Weight

Virginia Rall Chomitz, Lilian W.Y. Cheung and Ellice Lieberman

Evaluation of Neonatal Intensive Care Technologies

Jeffrey D. Horbar and Jerold F. Lucey

Access to Neonatal Intensive Care

Marie C. McCormick and Douglas K. Richardson

Long-Term Developmental Outcomes of Low Birth Weight Infants

Maureen Hack, Nancy K. Klein and H. Gerry Taylor

Evidence-Based Ethics and the Care of Premature Infants

Jon Tyson

CHILD INDICATORS: Unintentional Injuries

Eugene M. Lewit and Linda Schuurmann Baker

REVISITING THE ISSUES: State Initiatives to Provide Medical Coverage for Uninsured Children

Christopher DeGraw, M. Jane Park and Julie A. Hudman