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Critical Issues For Children and Youths
Volume 5 Number 2 Summer/Fall 1995


Children's Health and the Environment

Eugene M. Lewit and Linda Schuurmann Baker

Environmental Health Hazards: How Children Are Different from Adults

Cynthia F. Bearer

Case Studies of Environmental Risks to Children

Lynn R. Goldman

Environmental Policy and Children's Health

Philip J. Landrigan and Joy E. Carlson

Effects of Welfare Reform on Teenage Parents and Their Children

J. Lawrence Aber, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn and Rebecca A. Maynard

Immigrant Children and Their Families: Issues for Research and Policy

The Board on Children an

Outcomes for Youths with Serious Emotional Disturbance in Secondary School and Early Adulthood

Mary M. Wagner

The Tennessee Study of Class Size in the Early School Grades

Frederick Mosteller

CHILD INDICATORS: School Readiness

Eugene M. Lewit and Linda Schuurmann Baker