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Special Education for Students with Disabilities
Volume 6 Number 1 Spring 1996


Special Education for Students with Disabilities: Analysis and Recommendations

Donna L. Terman, Mary B. Larner, Carol S. Stevenson and Richard E. Behrman

The Legislative and Litigation History of Special Education

Edwin W. Martin, Reed Martin and Donna L. Terman

Identification and Assessment of Students with Disabilities

Daniel J. Reschly

Learning Disabilities

G. Reid Lyon

Effectiveness of Special Education: Is Placement the Critical Factor?

Anne M. Hocutt

Transition from High School to Work or College: How Special Education Students Fare

Mary M. Wagner and Jose Blackorby

Financing Special Education

Thomas B. Parrish and Jay G. Chambers

CHILD INDICATORS: Children in Special Education

Eugene M. Lewit and Linda Schuurmann Baker

REVISITING THE ISSUES: The Effects of Medicaid Expansions on Insurance Coverage of Children

Lisa C. Dubay and Genevieve M. Kenney