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Financing Child Care
Volume 6 Number 2 Summer/Fall 1996


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman

Financing Child Care: Analysis and Recommendations

Deanna S. Gomby, Nora Krantzler, Mary B. Larner, Carol S. Stevenson, Donna L. Terman and Richard E. Behrman

A Brief History of Federal Financing for Child Care in the United States

Abby J. Cohen

Child Care in the United States Today

Sandra L. Hofferth

Child Care Cost and Quality

Suzanne W. Helburn and Carollee Howes

The Financing of Child Care: Current and Emerging Trends

Louise Stoney and Mark H. Greenberg

Alternative Visions for Financing Child Care: Introduction

Richard E. Behrman

Funding Child Care and Public Education

Edward F. Zigler and Matia Finn-Stevenson

Funding Child Rearing: Child Allowance and Parental Leave

James R. Walker

Three Commentaries on the Proposals

Lenny M. Goldberg, Thomas W. Schulz and Michele Piel

The Authors Respond

Edward F. Zigler, Matia Finn-Stevenson and James R. Walker

CHILD INDICATORS: Homeless Families and Children

Eugene M. Lewit and Linda Schuurmann Baker

REVISITING THE ISSUES: Prevalence of Drug-Exposed Infants

Patricia H. Shiono