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The Juvenile Court
Volume 6 Number 3 Winter 1996


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman

The Juvenile Court: Analysis and Recommendations

Carol S. Stevenson, Carol S. Larson, Lucy Salcido Carter, Deanna S. Gomby, Donna L. Terman and Richard E. Behrman

The Early History of the Court

Sanford J. Fox

The Nature of the Court Today

H. Ted Rubin

The Juvenile Court and Delinquency Cases

Howard N. Snyder

The Court's Effectiveness in Protecting the Rights of Juveniles in Delinquency Cases

Janet E. Ainsworth

Responding to Juvenile Crime: Lessons Learned

Peter W. Greenwood

Status Offenses

David J. Steinhart

The Juvenile Court and Dependency Cases

Richard P. Barth

Responsibilities and Effectiveness of the Juvenile Court in Handling Dependency Cases

Mark Hardin

The Juvenile Court: A View from the Bench

Hon. David B. Mitchell

The Future of the Juvenile Court: Promising New Directions

Hon. Leonard P. Edwards

The Future of the Juvenile Court: A Theoretical Framework That Fits

Mark H. Moore

CHILD INDICATORS: Children as Victims of Violence

Eugene M. Lewit and Linda Schuurmann Baker

REVISITING THE ISSUES: The Family Preservation and Support Services Program

Nilofer Ahsan