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Welfare to Work
Volume 7 Number 1 Spring 1997


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman

Welfare to Work: Analysis and Recommendations

Mary B. Larner, Donna L. Terman and Richard E. Behrman

Introduction to the AFDC Program

Stephen B. Page and Mary B. Larner

A Brief History of Work Expectations for Welfare Mothers

Susan W. Blank and Barbara B. Blum

Welfare Recipients' Job Skills and Employment Prospects

Gary T. Burtless

Alternative Strategies for Increasing Employment

Pamela A. Holcomb and Demetra Smith Nightingale

The Partners of Welfare Mothers: Potential Earnings and Child Support

Michael J. Brien and Robert J. Willis

Turning Job Finders into Job Keepers

Alan M. Hershey and LaDonna A. Pavetti

Health Care Coverage for Children Who Are On and Off Welfare

Robert A. Moffitt and Eric P. Slade

Arranging Child Care

Ellen E. Kisker and Christine M. Ross

When Low-Income Mothers Go to Work: Implications for Children

Martha J. Zaslow and Carol A. Emig

Effects of Low-Wage Employment on Family Well-Being

Toby L. Parcel and Elizabeth G. Menaghan

Low-Wage Maternal Employment and Outcomes for Children: A Study

Kristin A. Moore and Anne K. Driscoll

CHILD INDICATORS: Childhood Hunger

Eugene M. Lewit and Nancy Kerrebrock