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Unintentional Injuries in Childhood
Volume 10 Number 1 Spring/Summer 2000


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman

Unintentional Injuries in Childhood: Analysis and Recommendations

Lisa W. Deal, Deanna S. Gomby, Lorraine Zippiroli and Richard E. Behrman

The History of Injury Control and the Epidemiology of Child and Adolescent Injuries

David C. Grossman

Individual-Level Injury Prevention Strategies in the Clinical Setting

Carolyn DiGuiseppi and Ian G. Roberts

Community-Based Injury Prevention Interventions

Terry P. Klassen, J. Morag MacKay, David Moher, Annie Walker and Alison L. Jones

Legislative and Regulatory Strategies to Reduce Childhood Unintentional Injuries

Richard A. Schieber, Julie Gilchrist and David A. Sleet

The Cost of Childhood Unintentional Injuries and the Value of Prevention

Ted R. Miller, Eduardo O. Romano and Rebecca S. Spicer

Evaluating Injury Prevention Programs: The Oklahoma City Smoke Alarm Project

Sue Mallonee

Training Injury Control Practitioners: The Indian Health Service Model

Richard J. Smith III, Alan J. Dellapenna, Jr. and Lawrence R. Berger