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Children and Welfare Reform
Volume 12 Number 1 Winter/Spring 2002


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman

Children and Welfare Reform: Analysis and Recommendations

Margie K. Shields and Richard E. Behrman

The 1996 Welfare Law: Key Elements and Reauthorization Issues Affecting Children

Mark H. Greenberg, Jodie Levin-Epstein, Rutledge Q. Hutson, Theodora J. Ooms, Rachel Schumacher, Vicki Turetsky and David M. Engstrom

Reforms and Child Development

Aletha C. Huston

Experimental Studies of Welfare Reform and Children

Martha J. Zaslow, Kristin A. Moore, Jennifer L. Brooks, Pamela A. Morris, Kathryn Tout, Zakia A. Redd and Carol A. Emig

Welfare Reform and Child Care Options for Low-Income Families

Bruce Fuller, Sharon L. Kagan, Gretchen L. Caspary and Christiane A. Gauthier

Family Economic Resources in the Post-Reform Era

Sheila Rafferty Zedlewski

Welfare Reform, Fertility, and Father Involvement

Sara McLanahan and Marcia J. Carlson

Welfare Reform and Parenting: Reasonable Expectations

P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale and Laura D. Pittman

Five Commentaries: Looking to the Future

Wendell E. Primus, Ron Haskins, Fernando A. Guerra, Eloise Anderson and Barbara B. Blum