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Health Insurance for Children
Volume 13 Number 1 Spring 2003


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman

Health Insurance for Children: Analysis and Recommendations

Eugene M. Lewit, Courtney Bennett and Richard E. Behrman

Historical Overview of Children's Health Care Coverage

Cindy Mann, Diane Rowland and Rachel Garfield

Which Children are Still Uninsured and Why

John Holahan, Lisa C. Dubay and Genevieve M. Kenney

Enrolling Eligible Children and Keeping Them Enrolled

Donna Cohen Ross and Ian T. Hill

Assuring Access to Health Care for Special Populations: Introduction

Richard E. Behrman

Gaps in Coverage for Children in Immigrant Families

Gabrielle Lessard and Leighton Ku

The Unique Health Care Needs of Adolescents

Claire D. Brindis, Madlyn C. Morreale and Abigail English

Care of Children with Special Health Care Needs

Peter G. Szilagyi

Reducing Health Disparities among Children

Dana C. Hughes and Sandy Ng

Program Design and Marketing: Introduction

Richard E. Behrman

How Public Health Insurance Programs for Children Work

Kirsten Wysen, Cynthia Pernice and Trish Riley

Promoting Public Health Insurance for Children

Michael J. Perry

Balancing Efficiency and Equity in the Design of Coverage Expansions for Children

Linda J. Blumberg

Creative Solutions: Introduction

Richard E. Behrman

Premium Assistance

Richard E. Curtis and Edward Neuschler

Express Lane Eligibility

Dawn Horner, Wendy Lazarus and Beth Morrow

Presumptive Eligibility

Rachel Klein

Universal Health Care for Children: Two Local Initiatives

Liane A. Wong