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Children, Families, and Foster Care
Volume 14 Number 1 Winter 2004


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman

Children, Families, and Foster Care: Analysis and Recommendations

Sandra Bass, Margie K. Shields and Richard E. Behrman

Safety and Stability for Foster Children: A Developmental Perspective

Brenda Jones Harden

Safety and Stability for Foster Children: The Policy Context

MaryLee Allen and Mary Bissell

Meeting the Challenges of Contemporary Foster Care

Sandra Stukes Chipungu and Tricia B. Bent-Goodley

Family Reunification

Fred Wulczyn

When Children Cannot Return Home: Adoption and Guardianship

Mark F. Testa

The Evolution of Kinship Care Policy and Practice

Rob Geen

Providing Better Opportunities for Older Children in the Child Welfare System

Ruth Massinga and Peter J. Pecora

Five Commentaries: Looking to the Future

Susan H. Badeau, Alfred G. Perez, Will Lightbourne, Ernestine S. Gray and Layla P. Suleiman Gonzalez