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Opportunity in America
Volume 16 Number 2 Fall 2006


Introducing the Issue

Isabel Sawhill and Sara McLanahan

Intergenerational Social Mobility: The United States in Comparative Perspective

Emily Beller and Michael Hout

Intergenerational Mobility for Women and Minorities in the United States

Melissa S. Kearney

Making It in America: Social Mobility in the Immigrant Population

George J. Borjas

Early Childhood Development and Social Mobility

W. Steven Barnett and Clive R. Belfield

U.S. Elementary and Secondary Schools: Equalizing Opportunity or Replicating the Status Quo?

Cecilia Elena Rouse and Lisa Barrow

The Role of Higher Education in Social Mobility

Robert Haveman and Timothy Smeeding

Children's Health and Social Mobility

Anne Case and Christina Paxson

"Culture" and the Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty: The Prevention Paradox

Jens Ludwig and Susan Mayer