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Journal Issue: Children and Divorce Volume 4 Number 1 Spring/Summer 1994

REVISITING THE ISSUES: Children and National Health Care Reform
Sara Rosenbaum

Quality of Care

All of the measures address the development of quality-of-care measures and place emphasis on health outcomes measures and on empowering consumers through better disclosure of quality-of-care information.

As this journal goes to press, the issues concerning health care reform are being analyzed and discussed. Predicting the outcomes of this political process is impossible, but it appears likely that none of the bills reviewed in this article will emerge as the consensus health care reform measure without substantial modification. Many of the compromises necessary to achieve health care reform will probably not directly reflect children's issues. Yet, if children are to benefit from health care reform, it will be important to examine the implications for children of specific components of any serious reform proposal and to take appropriate corrective actions to protect their interests.