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Journal Issue: Children and Divorce Volume 4 Number 1 Spring/Summer 1994

REVISITING THE ISSUES: Children and National Health Care Reform
Sara Rosenbaum

Cost Sharing

All of the measures except the McDermott/ Wellstone bill use cost sharing. The McDermott bill allows no payment for covered benefits at the point of service. Instead, all health care is financed through the tax system.

The President's bill exempts prenatal and preventive services from cost sharing and subsidizes cost sharing for low-income families enrolled in health maintenance organizations (HMOs) or other similar plans. Low-income families that wish to remain in a fee-for-service plan are responsible for all copayments and deductibles.

The McDermott/Wellstone bill, the President's plan, and the Cooper/Breaux plan prohibit providers from billing patients for more than allowed charges. The other measures do not regulate provider billing practices.