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Journal Issue: School Readiness: Closing Racial and Ethnic Gaps Volume 15 Number 1 Spring 2005

Sara McLanahan


Welcome to the new Future of Children. In addition to the new look, the journal has a new home—the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University in partnership with the Brookings Institution. We are excited about this new venture and are honored to have been given the reins of such a respected journal by the Packard Foundation.

Although the journal has a new publisher, the overall mission remains the same: translating the best social science research into information that is useful to policymakers, practitioners, and the media. We have developed plans to ensure that we get our information into the hands (and heads) of as many people as possible: shorter publications on our website and public events and conferences aimed at policymakers and practitioners. All the information about our outreach efforts can be found on our website,, and we encourage you to visit and sign up for the e-newsletter so that we can keep you apprised of our efforts.

Probably the biggest change is that we have become primarily a web-based journal. Although some print copies of the journal will continue to be produced, for the most part readers will find us on the web. We made this decision based on the reality of the high costs of producing and mailing large numbers of print volumes for free, coupled with the growing access people have to the internet. We do understand, however, that many readers would like to keep receiving print copies of the journal, so we now offer moderately priced subscriptions as well as single-copy sales.

We hope you like our changes and continue to read and use the journal. We have received a great gift in being able to produce The Future of Children, and we will work hard to ensure its quality, integrity, and accessibility.