Jason Downer

Friday, Jan 20, 2017
by rleidy

Starting Early, Vol. 26, No. 2
“Quality in Early Education Classrooms: Definitions, Gaps, and Systems”

What’s the focus of your research? 
Understanding and improving classroom processes that help young children learn

If readers take one big idea from your Future of Children article, what should it be?
Moment-to-moment interactions between teachers and children are key ingredients for learning within early education environments, and therefore serve as natural targets for professional development supports to early educators

What did you learn from writing a Future of Children article?
There is still much to be understood about the diversity of individual children’s experiences within classrooms, and what specific skills teachers must hone in order to provide optimal interactions with children.


Jason Downer is an associate professor of education, director of the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning, and program area director for clinical and school psychology at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education.