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Immigrant Children
Volume 21 Number 1 Spring 2011


Immigrant Children: Introducing the Issue

Marta Tienda and Ron Haskins

Demography of Immigrant Youth: Past, Present, and Future

Jeffrey S. Passel

The Living Arrangements of Children of Immigrants

Nancy S. Landale, Kevin J. A. Thomas and Jennifer Van Hook

Early Care and Education for Children in Immigrant Families

Lynn A. Karoly and Gabriella C. Gonzalez

Effective Instruction for English Learners

Margarita Calderon, Robert Slavin and Marta Sanchez

K-12 Educational Outcomes of Immigrant Youth

Robert Crosnoe and Ruth N. Lopez Turley

Immigrants in Community Colleges

Robert T. Teranishi, Carola Suarez-Orozco and Marcelo Suarez-Orozco

Higher Education and Children in Immigrant Families

Sandy Baum and Stella M. Flores

The Physical and Psychological Well-Being of Immigrant Children

Krista M. Perreira and India J. Ornelas

The Adaptation of Migrant Children

Alejandro Portes and Alejandro Rivas

Poverty and Program Participation among Immigrant Children

George J. Borjas