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Children and Poverty
Volume 7 Number 2 Summer/Fall 1997


Statement of Purpose

Richard E. Behrman

Children and Poverty: Analysis and Recommendations

Eugene M. Lewit, Donna L. Terman and Richard E. Behrman

Why So Many Children Are Poor

David M. Betson and Robert T. Michael

The Dynamics of Childhood Poverty

Mary E. Corcoran and Ajay Chaudry

The Effects of Poverty on Children

Jeanne Brooks-Gunn and Greg J. Duncan

Child Poverty Can Be Reduced

Robert D. Plotnick

Programs That Mitigate the Effects of Poverty on Children

Barbara L. Devaney, Marilyn R. Ellwood and John M. Love

Choosing Among Alternative Programs for Poor Children

Janet M. Currie

Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Principles, Practice, and Lessons Learned

Matthew W. Stagner and M. Angela Duran

Values Underpinning Poverty Programs for Children

H. Hugh Heclo

CHILD INDICATORS: Population-Based Growth Stunting

Eugene M. Lewit and Nancy Kerrebrock


Lucy Salcido Carter and Carol S. Larson