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Excellence in the Classroom
Volume 17 Number 1 Spring 2007


Introducing the Issue

Susanna Loeb, Cecilia Elena Rouse and Anthony Shorris

What Is the Problem? The Challenge of Providing Effective Teachers for All Children

Richard J. Murnane and Jennifer L. Steele

The Effect of Certification and Preparation on Teacher Quality

Donald Boyd, Daniel Goldhaber, Hamilton Lankford and James Wyckoff

Pay, Working Conditions, and Teacher Quality

Eric A. Hanushek and Steven G. Rivkin

Using Performance-Based Pay to Improve the Quality of Teachers

Victor Lavy

Learning in the Teaching Workforce

Heather C. Hill

The Challenges of Staffing Urban Schools with Effective Teachers

Brian A. Jacob

Recruiting and Retaining High-Quality Teachers in Rural Areas

David H. Monk

Teachers Unions and Student Performance: Help or Hindrance?

Randall W. Eberts

Teacher Labor Markets in Developed Countries

Helen F. Ladd

Teacher Labor Markets in Developing Countries

Emiliana Vegas