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Enhancing Practice with Early English Language Learners

April 29, 2011

This conference was co-sponsored by The Education Research Section (ERS), The Future of Children journal, The Woodrow Wilson School (WWS) and the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER).

Conference Presentations

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 What Does Research Have to Say?

  • Marta Tienda, Maurice P. During Professor in Demographic Studies. Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School; Director, Program in Latino Studies
  • Robert Crosnoe, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Sociology and Population Research Center, University of Texas at Austin
  • Fred Genesee, Psychology Department, McGill University
  • Lynn Karoly, Senior Economist, RAND

Assessment and English Language Learners

  • Sandra Barrueco, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology & Fellow of the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies, The Catholic University of America
  • Elizabeth Franks, Language & Literacy Associates for Multilingual and Multicultural Education (LLAMAME, LLC)
  • Alexandra Figueras-Daniel, Research Coordinator, National Institute for Early Education Research

Preschool Research Network

  • Sharon Ayers, Ph.D., National Institute for Early Education Research

Professional Development and English Language Learners

Creative Ways to Teach English Language Learners

  • Margarita Calderón, Professor Emerita, Johns Hopkins University
  • Sandee McHugh-McBride, Early Childhood Co-Representative, NJTESOL-NJBE Executive Board; Lecturer, Rutgers Graduate School of Education